In the Pixel to Pencil class, the task of writing a research blog about a studio or animator of films or video games was given to us. I was torn between a video game company, called Bethesda and this Japanese anime studio I chose. But I ended up picking the Animation company because I’m on the animation course and the Japanese style of animation was something I always loved since childhood and this company produced some of my favorite animated TV series and films.

The Animation Studio I will write about on the next pages is called Madhouse and is one of the most famous and successful studios in Japan. It has produced well known series such as “Death Note”, “Vampire Hunter D”, “Ninja Scroll”, “Beyblade” and so many others. As for films, they produced two “Sakura Cardcaptor” movies, “Nasu: Summer in Andalusia”, the first Japanese animated film ever selected for screening at the renowned Cannes Film Festival and some of the animation short films, “The Animatrix” (World Record and Program).

I will write about their history, most important animators and their best animated tv series and movies and i will post interviews if I find any.