He’s a Japanese film producer, animation developer, the co-founder, member and producer of Madhouse Studio.

Maruyama was born in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture in 1941. He is 71 years old and a 40-plus year veteran of the animation business.

In 1963, Maruyama graduated in Hosei University and soon after that, he found a job as an animator in Mushi Production. There he met Madhouse’s future staff members and in 1972 he and the other animators, Osamu Dezaki, Rintaro, and Yoshiaki Kawajiri left this studio and created Madhouse studio. Since that moment, Maruyama principally focused on producing and planning Madhouse’s upcoming projects, because as the main producer and studio head, is personally responsible for green-lighting new projects. As a result, projects are often directly pitched to him by outside interests or brought to him by creators within the company. He also has a significant amount of influence in determining the staff of these new projects, particularly in the assignment of directorial duties. In addition, he is frequently involved in the planning phase of major studio productions.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he did the production design on several films. In 2002, Maruyama was awarded the “Special/Lifetime Achievement” Award at the 7th Animation Kobe in recognition and honor of his contributions to the industry. He was the first producer to be given this award.

In recent years, thanks his frequent attendance at anime conventions, he has become well known in America among Madhouse’s fans.