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Was born on 22th January of 1941 in Tokyo, Japan. He is one of the most famous anime directors.

Rintaro began working in the animation industry, at the age of 17, as an in-between animator on the 1958 film “Hakujaden” fot Toei Animation, which was is the first color anime feature film. He worked on two more films there, but after that he began to work on Mushi Productions, having there his first job as a Director, being the Episode Director of Astro Boy’s fourth episode in 1963. After leaving the company in 1971, he became a freelancer and co-founded the Madhouse Studio in 1972. He works frequently with the studio, though as a freelance director he is not employed directly by any studio. He directed many popular tv series such as “Lupin VIII” (1982), “Dragon Quest” (1989), “Wolverine” (2010) and “Blade” (2011). His works have won and been nominated for multiple awards, including a nomination for Best Film “Metropolis” at the 2001 Festival de Cine de Sitges. He is also a founding member of the Japanese Animation Creators Association (JAniCA) labor group. In nowadays, Rintaro lectures at Kyoto Seika University.