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satoshi kon

Was a Japanese anime director and manga artist from Kushiro, Hokkaidō, born in 12th October of 1963 and died in August of 2010 with a pancreatic cancer.

He was a graduate of the Graphic Design department of the Musashino Art University.  Satoshi Kon is best known for his detailed character artwork.


While in college, Kon made his first appearance as a manga artist with the short manga Toriko (1984) and with that earned a runner-up spot in the 10th Annual Tetsuya Chiba Awards held by Young Magazine (Kodansha). Afterward, he found work as Katsuhiro Otomo’s assistant. After his graduation from college in 1987, Kon authored the one-volume manga Kaikisen (1990) and wrote the script for Katsuhiro Otomo’s live-action film “World Apartment Horror”.

In 1995, Kon served as the scriptwriter, layout artist and art director of the short film “Magnetic Rose”, the first of three short films in Katsuhiro Otomo’s compilation of Memories. Kon’s work afterward would be distinguished by the recurring theme of the blending of fantasy and reality.

paranoia agent

In 2003, he directed “Tokyo Godfathers” and in 2004, Kon released the 13-episode television well-known series “Paranoia Agent”, in which Kon revisits the theme of the blending of imagination and reality, as well as working in additional social themes.

“Paprika” in 2006 was maybe Kon’s most popular work as a Director. The film was highly successful and earned a number of film awards. Much like Kon’s previous works, the film focuses on the synergy of dreams and reality.

In the year of his death he began to work on his next film “The Dream Machine”, but it was left incomplete, it would only be released after his death.


After his death he was also mentioned in TIME’s 2010 people of the year.