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Is a 2006 Japanese-animated science fiction romance film produced by Madhouse, directed by Mamoru Hosoda and written by Satoko Okudera. Released by Kadokawa Herald Pictures, the film is a sequel to the 1967 novel of the same name by Yasutaka Tsutsui and shares the basic idea of a young girl who gains the power of time travel, but with a different story and characters than the novel.

Makoto Konno is a teenager who inadvertently gains a mysterious power. She learns from her aunt Kazuko Yoshiyama, protagonist of the original story, that she has the power to travel through time. Makoto begins using the time-leaps frivolously to fix problems.

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“The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” was released on July 15, 2006 and received positive reviews. The film won several awards, including the Japan Academy Prize and Tokyo Anime Awards for Animation of the Year. The English version was licensed and produced by Kadokawa Pictures USA along with Ocean Productions that make the dubbing and released by Bandai Entertainment in 2008.

I really recommend this film. The story is really interesting and unexpected in the end. The character design is incredible and you can note this even more because of the HD resolution of the movie.